1. Formulation and implementation  of policies, plans and programmers pertaining to science and technology;
  2. Study, research, survey, training and national as well as international seminars and conferences on  science and technology;
  3. Regular and periodic evaluation and review of  environment programmes  implemented by governmental organizations;
  4. Development of human resources pertaining to science and technology;
  5. Formulation and implementation of policies, plans and  programmes relating to science  and technology;
  6. Programmes concerning development and expansion of science and technology;
  7. Exploration and research of the progress made in the field of science;
  8. Exploration and analysis of the achievement made in the field of technology ;
  9. Promotion of alternative energy;
  10. Liaison and coordination with universities with regard to science and technology;
  11. Production, supply and management of goods related to science and technology;
  12. Collection and survey of data on more advanced technology;
  13. National, regional and international conference, seminar and symposium on science and technology;
  14. Bilateral and multilateral agreement and memorandum of understanding on science and technology;
  15. Liaison and coordination with international organizations concerning science and technology;
  16. Nepal Academy of Science and Technology;
  17. Science and Technology Council;
  18. National Forensic Laboratory;
  19. Development and expansion of information technology;
  20. Planetarium, observatory and science museum.