परिणाम र सूचकहरु

Result Areas Result Indicators
Policy, Plan and Program formulation

Formulation of Science and Technology Policy, Information Technology Policy, Nuclear Policy, Biotechnology Policy, Innovation Policy, Anti-Brain Drain Policy, Drafting of Periodic Plan in Science, Technology and sectors.

Policy, Plan and Program Implementation

Annual program and budget preparation plus implementation, run projects on Data Center establishment and operation, Technology Exhibitions, running Technical Cooperation Projects for the use of Isotopes


 Enforcement of Electronic Transation Law and Regulation. Enforcement of Government Website Directive


Bilateral and Multilateral agreements, understandings and cooperation, running Program of Cooperation (PoC), heading multinational forums like IAEA working as Focal Point for various international conventions and agencies

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring of telecentres. Monitoring of digital signatures. Monitoring of industries, mines and radioactive materialsand riskful activities.

Research and Development

Research and development activities on different sub sector of science, technology field.